“No doubt about what Healthy Chef Diane and Emily have started here! These dinners have fed my family for the past several weeks as we juggle our busy routine(s)! They are delicious and simple to prepare! If you haven't seen the menu yet, do so now. Delivered right to your door! I love not scrambling for dinner OR eating out due to lack of time. Thanks Diane and Emily!” –Michelle N., Eagle, ID

"When I first met Diane, she was with My Fit Foods. I went there because I do a lot of traveling for work and needed some quick, healthy options for traveling and for when I was home. If I can describe myself in a few words when I first went there it would be "a mess". I had been battling my weight my entire life and the messages of what I should or should not do have been so mixed for so many years. "Eat fruit, don't eat fruit, count calories, don't eat carbs, but now only eat certain carbs, etc.). Diane had to work with me for a while to really get me to trust in her expertise so she could finally help me. I am proud to say that I am liberated from counting calories and I have made friends with carbs. I truly understand what my body needs to survive and now I eat to live rather than live to eat. I was so thankful when Hello Dinner! opened! Not only could I still have help from Diane, but now I also have support from Emily and I can still be purchase those quick nutritious meals I need for my busy lifestyle. Thank you Diane and Emily! The services, support, and nutrition you provide to your clients and the community is invaluable!"

-Shari Sherwood, Meridian, ID

We guarantee your satisfaction on all of our meals. Please contact us at info@hellodinneridaho.com with any comments or suggestions on how we can improve. Thank you!


At Hello Dinner, we want to make people’s lives easier!

Our gluten-free meals are nutrient dense with a 4 oz. portion of protein. The portion sizes are generous with over half your serving filled with vegetables, or as many as Chef Diane can cram into the container! Everything on the menu is cooked from scratch and gluten-free. There are no preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners added. The meats are hormone and antibiotic-free, and all seafood is wild caught. We use local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible. We offer dairy-free, paleo and vegan options and are able to customize for those with food allergies on pre-orders. We use very limited soy with the exception of gluten-free tamari and non-GMO tofu for vegetarians.

With Hello Dinner, people can enjoy flavorful and nourishing food in the comfort of their own home, without the added calories, excess sodium and sugar, inflammatory and unhealthy fats, and GMO ingredients found in typical restaurant meals. Not only is it convenient to order Hello Dinner meals or pick them up from our retail store, it is healthy and delicious, too!

Our menu changes seasonally, with monthly specials. You can sign up on our email list to receive   weekly specials and other announcements. You’ll also find different specials that are available only in store depending on what Chef Diane has prepared that day. Our retail store is located at 12646 W. Fairview Ave. in Boise between Cloverdale and Eagle Road  You can drop by and purchase a meal or meals without a pre-order. It is faster than fast food!

​​​How does delivery work? 
We deliver to your home or office on  Mondays through Friday. You need to leave a LARGE cooler on your doorstep with ice packs. Currently we deliver between 4-7pm to Boise , Eagle and  Meridian.   If you forget to leave a cooler, we will return the food to the closest store for you to pick up at your convenience to ensure you receive the freshest food possible. We will not leave food without a cooler and ice packs .  Delivery is free with orders over 50.00 . For orders under 50.00 , there is a 5.00 delivery fee. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. 

What is your deadline for placing an order?
For delivery orders, you need to place your orders by midnight the day prior for delivery Monday through Friday. Pick-up orders are available Monday-Friday and  will be ready after 4pm.  

What if I forgot to place an order?
You may stop by our retail store located at 12646 W. Fairview  and pick up meals without a pre-order. We keep our coolers stocked with the full menu and  baked goods every day. Contact us at 208-412-0752  to learn more about our Custom Meal Service if you want us to schedule your meals for the month. 

Will your food help me lose weight? 
We don’t consider our meals “diet food” yet our clients are getting great results because they are eating nutrient dense, clean foods which fuel their body in a healthy way.

Do you offer nutritional facts? 
Yes ! Please keep in mind when you are eating real food with no preservatives, chemicals, additives, added sugar or trans fats, that a label isn’t really necessary as you are fueling your body with the proper nutrients it needs to thrive. Our philosophy is to count nutrients vs. calories. If you have an allergy, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you. 

How long do the meals last? 
They last for a week in the fridge. Every meal will have a "use by" date right on the front of the container.If you are interested in freezing them, look for the snowflake symbol on our menu PDF 

How do I heat the meals up? 
There are warming instructions on the package. You may warm in the microwave, in the oven or in a skillet depending on the meal.  The plastic containers are microwave safe. 

Is it a certified gluten-free kitchen? 
No, it is not, however, there is no gluten present in the kitchen or in our building. If you are extremely sensitive or Celiac, we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination. 

Is it a nut-free kitchen?
We do not use peanuts in any of our entrees, however we use other tree nuts and cross contamination may be present.

Do you only offer dinner? 
No, we actually have breakfast & lunch on the menu as well as snacks and some special gluten-free treats! Dinners can be eaten interchangeably as lunch and often our clients use their leftovers for this purpose. 

What type of oils do you cook with? 
We use coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil  in our meals. 

Do I have to sign a contract or purchase a subscription? 
No and there is no minimum order size. You can place an order for one meal or several weeks worth of meals or just drop by our store and select as many meals as you would like. 

What type of packaging do you use?
We use BPA free plastic containers for our individual portions and aluminum for our family style meals. If you wish to have your meals portioned in aluminum, please let us know. We are happy to do so!

“Anyone too busy to cook, but want a clean, healthy meal? I did too!! My new FAVORITE person is Chef Diane Hodges. She is cooking for my family and we don't know how we lived without her! Food is delicious, nutritious, whole food, and even the kid likes it! I'm probably even saving money because of all the groceries we buy and throw away, eating out, etc. Tonight we had firecracker shrimp tacos, black beans with cilantro avocado cream and homemade salsa. I should have taken a picture it was soooo good!” –Denalee Bell, Eagle, ID