As a Certified Health Coach and Chef, Diane is trained to address special needs, including food allergies, likes and dislikes, and dietary restrictions. She believes strongly that eating well is the foundation for living a happy, healthy life. She began her career as a chef in an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, healing the patients with healthy food and teaching them how good nutrition could support them on their road to recovery. Being a part of helping people change their lives for the better really gave her the passion to work hard to develop recipes and cooking techniques to make healthy food taste delicious as well as be good for your body. Diane’s philosophy on nutrition is to “learn from every meal you eat by enjoying every bite.”


  • Healthy Prepared Meals
  • Catering/Office Meal Delivery

"Thank you Diane and Emily! The services, support, and nutrition you provide to your clients and the community is invaluable!"
-Shari Sherwood, Meridian, ID